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     Thibault Durque (27)

tel :  06  43  74  52  14 

mail :

Instagram : @studiothibaultdurque

STEP 1 - Formulation of the request.

You can write a short brief highlighting your expectations and the objective to be reached, and attach reference elements to it: Materials, textures, framing, atmosphere, light, intention sketches etc.

STEP 2 - Telephone exchange.

I will call you to complete your request to learn more about the deadlines, the format, if it is a night or day image, but also to know more about the project; its nature, its essence etc.


STEP 3 - Sketch.

I will send you several proposals for framing, light, atmosphere, element, in low resolution, in which you can still change the elements in 3D. Our discussions will be precise in order to fully understand your expectations, to produce an image that will highlight your architecture.

STEP 4 - Validation of the sketch.

Once the light has been validated, I will have to texturize the entire scene with photo-realistic materials, chosen by you, or proposed by mine, according to references sent in advance.

In this time, I will then send you several proposals.


STEP 5 - Architectural adjustments.

At this point, you will be asked to verify the correspondence between the image and your project.

Example: accuracy of layouts, good color of materials etc.


STEP 6 - High resolution production.

The raw high definition image will therefore be calculated and subsequently, no major changes will be possible.

The raw image will then be frozen and only the modifications of elements relating to post-production (addition of characters, color, white balance etc.) will be made.


STEP 7 - Post-Production.

I make a point of honor to the photorealistic rigor of the image. This is why an entire part of my production is done in post-production. At this stage, I will add color variants, slight defects, which will tell the eye of the viewer that it is an image with life, an image close to a photograph. Depending on your needs, I will add more or less high definition characters, to best enhance the essence of your project.

STEP 8 - Finalization.

A high resolution image will be delivered to you with the possibility of changing certain elements relating to post-production.


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